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President Dr. Rafael Barrera

ACAIM Committees

Publication Committee

    Taryn Clark
    Rebecca Jeanmonod
    Andrew Miller
  • Barbara Hernandez
  • Ricardo Izurieta
  • Michelle Kallis
  • Sudip Nanda
  • Ijeoma Nnodim Opara
  • Miguel Reina
  • Christian Schill
  • Ziad Sifri
  • Eduardo Smith Singares
  • Krima Thakker
  • Allison Tompeck
  • Zohaib Yousaf

Academic Productivity Committee

The Academic Productivity committee has been formed to work with the Publications committee and the membership at-large to develop academic content and serve as a repository for collaborative program ideas for membership.

    Michael Firstenberg
    Veronica Tucci
  • Brennan Bollman
  • Taryn Clark

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee shall be responsible for maintaining principled adherence to the constitution and bylaws. The committee will meet ad hoc to address ethical disputes, breach of legal matters, professional conduct, forfeiture of BoG/BoD status, and ethical dilemmas faced by ACAIM. The committee will also have opportunities to comment on and work on programming related to ethics in International Medicine and Global Health.

    Ramon Gist
  • Harsh Sule

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

In light of national and international events and with the belief that diversity strengthens organizations, ACAIM started a Diversity and Inclusion committee. This committee works to amplify traditionally underrepresented voices in academic medicine and promote a culture of inclusion and belonging within the organization.

    Christina Bloem
    Rebecca Jeanmonod
    Annelies De Wulf
  • Ramon Gist
  • Gabriel De Leon
  • Zohaib Yousaf

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee shall be responsible for annual conference planning, including programs offered as pre and post conferences. They will also be responsible for public relations materials.

    Mayur Narayan
    Ricardo Izurieta
  • Rafael Barrera
  • Michael S. Firstenberg
  • Sagar C. Galwankar
  • Stanislaw P. Stawicki

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the membership of ACAIM, dues collection, and determination of active/good standing status.

  • Stanislaw Stawicki
  • Harry L. Anderson III
  • Michael Firstenberg

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall be responsible for maintaining the ACAIM website and social media outlets and assisting the other committees with IT needs.

  • Sarathi Kalra
  • Sagar Galwankar
  • Stanislaw Stawicki

National Multi-Specialty Taskforce

    Victor R. Davila
    Emergency Medicine
    Sarathi Kalra
  • Dermatology
    Carla V. Errickson
  • Geriatrics
    Alaa-Eldin A. Mira
  • Sports Medicine
    Thomas R. Wojda

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