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1 Apr 2021 12:42 AM | Anonymous

Dr. Christine J. Butts

Although Women’s History Month may have come to an end, we cannot overlook the work of some of the amazing female heroes that we stand shoulder to shoulder with every day. Since graduating from Keck School of Medicine in California in 2003 with her M.D., Dr. Christine Butts has served as an inspirational figure in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Louisiana State University School of Medicine. As a member of the LSU team, Dr. Butts has gone on to become Director of both the Emergency Ultrasound Division and Fellowship, as well as a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Louisiana State University in New Orleans.

Among her most noteworthy contributions to the medical community are the seminars and presentations she has led both nationally and internationally. Dr. Butts has traveled to areas of Iraq, Zimbabwe, across Europe, and to numerous other locations, where she has shared her expertise and experience with the use of ultrasonography on topics such as basic ultrasound, F.A.S.T. exam in trauma, and cardiac ultrasound. Her outreach even extended to areas such as Haiti, where she worked side by side as a visiting professor, with medical professionals and trainees of the Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, teaching emergency medicine and ultrasound technique and interpretation.

Dr. Butts is an accomplished academic physician with multiple peer reviewed journals and book chapters, however these publications represent only a portion of who she is and her true passions. For the past seven years she has volunteered with Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization designed to enhance young girls’ social, emotional, physical skills and behaviors to successfully navigate life experiences through lessons that incorporate running and other physical activities. Her international work allows her to play a role in strengthening the capabilities of medical professionals across the globe, and  with local programs like Girls on the Run she is able to guide the future of girls and young women, that may even one day carry on her work.

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