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President Dr. Rafael Barrera

ACAIM Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine And The Ensuing Humanitarian Crisis

15 Mar 2022 3:52 PM | Anonymous

During the past few weeks, the world has witnessed a ruthless and violent war of aggression in Ukraine. The thousands of injured and killed, including children, pregnant women, and the elderly, reflect the dehumanizing and barbaric nature of war. In fact, this is one of the worst humanitarian crises in decades. As of today, an estimated 2.8 million refugees from Ukraine, mainly women, children, and elderly, have fled the conflict, seeking safety in surrounding countries. Many Ukrainians are also internally displaced. Men of fighting age are not permitted to leave the country, adding to the difficult and often tragic decisions faced by families and children. In their recent communique, the World Health Organization has reported an increasing number of verified attacks on health care facilities, workers, and ambulances. These human rights violations are unacceptable and must stop immediately. In addition, we are deeply concerned about the negligent and extremely dangerous behavior of the invading Russian forces around civilian nuclear power plants.

The American College of Academic International Medicine opposes this and other armed conflicts around the world and promotes the peaceful resolution of international disputes. We call on our members to assist those in need, to protect the vulnerable from harm, and to ensure respect for human life and dignity.

We hope that the global awareness and outpouring support for the Ukrainian civilians who are facing this humanitarian crisis will also extend to the other communities who are facing similar atrocities throughout the world. We must stand together to prevent human rights abuses wherever, and whenever, they occur. Furthermore, we must stand united in supporting those whose lives have been devastated by acts of aggression across the globe.

Please consult the U.S. State Department website for the most recent updates on the situation in Ukraine.

The following list of charities has been compiled for those who would like to donate to the relief efforts.

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