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Take Part In Our Consensus Statements & Scholarship Opportunities In Our 4 Journals

    • Contribute to the academic literature and shape academic international medicine (AIM)

AIM Mentorship

    • Share your experiences with tomorrow's leaders
    • Find a mentor

Join Our Networking Opportunities

    • Meet others working in your field to see how they navigate AIM at their home institutions
 or abroad

Clinical Site Connections

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    • Join other sites

Share Resources To Build AIM

    • Let’s combine our resources to expand global initiatives, create policies & manuals, and
 establish cooperative multinational partnerships

Why become a member of ACAIM?

    • Associate and collaborate with top experts in the area of Academic International
 Medicine (AIM)
    • Exchange information and experiences between AIM
 enthusiasts and professionals in a unique, discipline-independent forum
    • Become a part of something special, a one-of-a-kind community of like-minded people
 who focus on sustainable development of international medical outreach with emphasis on academics,
 education, and skills development
    • Show your support for Academic International Medicine, both in the US and abroad
    • Become an advocate for AIM and help create sustainable solutions for international academic and
 educational outreach
    • Grow and develop with ACAIM: Find out about FAIM


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