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President Dr. Ricardo Izurieta

National AIM Taskforce

National Academic International Medicine Taskforce

The National AIM Taskforce (NAIMT) is a multi-disciplinary leadership group that operates collaboratively to facilitate ACAIM operations across key areas (such as academics, ethics, mentorship, or publications) and medical/surgical specialties (such as anesthesiology, emergency medicine, geriatrics, or orthopaedic surgery). All ACAIM members in good standing, with at least one year of active participation, are eligible to apply for various NAIMT roles, subject to availability and review. Requests to join the NAIMT should be directed toward the ACAIM Executive Leadership ( Below is a complete list of NAIMT participants, in alphabetical order.

  • Anderson III, Harry L.
  • Bloem, Christina
    (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Bollman, Brennan
  • Clark, Taryn
    (Academics, Publications)
  • Davila, Victor
    (Specialty – Anesthesiology)
  • De Wulf, Annelies
    (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Errickson, Carla
    (Specialty – Dermatology)
  • Firstenberg, Michael
    (Academics, Membership)
  • Galwankar, Sagar
  • Gist, Ramon
    (Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics)
  • Izurieta, Ricardo
  • Jeanmonod, Rebecca
    (Diversity & Inclusion, Publications)
  • Kalra, Sarathi
    (Specialty – Emergency Medicine)
  • Miller, Andrew
  • Mira, Alaa-Eldin
    (Specialty – Geriatrics)
  • Nanda, Sudip
  • Nnodim Opara, Ijeoma
  • Reina, Miguel
  • Sifri, Ziad
  • Smith Singares, Eduardo
  • Stawicki, Stanislaw
  • Sule, Harsh
  • Tucci, Veronica
  • Wojda, Thomas
    (Specialty – Sports Medicine)
  • Yousaf, Zohaib
    (Diversity & Inclusion, Publications)

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