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President Dr. Rafael Barrera

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President Dr. Rafael Barrera

President Dr. Rafael Barrera

ACAIM hopes to bring together worldwide health care professionals to bridge the gap of health care delivery. Our effort will be to help collaborate and establish international clinical medicine, surgical and research programs that support the mentoring and training of future international medicine leaders. ACAIM will highlight international programs that are dedicated to serving underdeveloped populations, which have resulted in spearheading cooperation in medical and surgical missions. In the future ACAIM will continue to help broker partnerships and academic affiliations that could lead to year around presence within these international communities. ACAIM will utilize these opportunities to evaluate, train, teach and empower the local healthcare community. The educational benefits of international medicine are mutual for the programs involved. ACAIM will be standard bearer of the importance of acute care in all communities.

ACAIM will expand efforts to increase membership with all ancillary services in international medicine. Clinicians all over the world can connect thru ACAIM to create an ongoing collaboration with communities, cultures and countries to advance the art of patient centered innovation education and quality care.

On behalf ACAIM, I encourage you to get involved, participate, and join colleagues from around the globe to advance international medicine.

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